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         The firm of Williams and Singh and the firm of Sandberg, Williams welcome you to this site. You may also wish to visit our Facebook page under Williams & Singh.  We are associates who together have accumulated many years of success and a great team.

         In the criminal field we have had the opportunity to represent those charged with murder and other serious crimes.  Currently we are involved in an extensive three week preliminary hearing on a first degree murder charge in Brampton.

         We have represented those charged with alleged sexual assault as well as those who have been sexually abused.   We have represented many, many individuals where the crown has threatened dangerous offender proceedings.

         Mental health law, in the firm, began when Justice Haynes was in charge of the Advisory Review Board in the late 1960's: in fact, one of the firm’s specialties has always been in the area of mental health: in the criminal, family, and civil side.   An example of this was when we represented a lawyer in an aggravated assault charge where the lawyer had stabbed another lawyer at Osgoode Hall.

         We have represented clients in multi-million dollar frauds in every corner of the Province and beyond Ontario.  Not too long ago, the firm spent in excess of three months in Regina, Saskatchewan on a Canada wide fraud case.

         Our civil side of the practice is extensive.   We recently won an action against a defective baseball diamond owner (Dofasco).   Dofasco did not have proper sun blockage in its field where our teammate client was seriously injured because of a flying ball, hit in the ordinary manner of playing baseball.  We are currently representing an individual being harassed by a government agency.   It is not unusual for this firm to take on "the little guy" against the bully.

         We are suing a religious institution for an action in which the client advises, with strong evidence, that this charity defrauded its parishioners.

          We deal in serious motor vehicle accident cases where the client has sustained serious and permanent injuries.

         It is not unusual for the firm to represent the lawyer, church parishioner, baseball player, business woman, or the indigent.   As an example we are suing a landlord who paid his cleaning lady less than the agreed on price of cleaning.

         In family law, we are currently representing a Métis father who has brought a constitutional challenge to a section of the Child and Family Services Act of Ontario. Our work in family law in the Cities of Hamilton and Sudbury is well known.  It is the little guy (male or female) that drives us to do this tiring work.

         In family law we are currently representing a woman who had her young child abducted by the father requiring the firm to obtain, within hours, an order to apprehend the child from the father and obtaining the aid of three different police forces.  We have fought and won many mobility cases.  We are experienced litigators in the field of constructive trusts and in the area of obtaining security for costs before the matter is tried in family law.  We are experienced counsel in the field of bifurcation of the trial process.  For over 65 years the members of these firms have been committed to the handling of divorce, custody and support cases. Where help is needed we are there.

         We are experienced counsel in the field of estate litigation.  Executors have come to us wanting redress from fellow executors; other clients for being cut out of a meaningful amount of the deceased estate when they should have been included.

         We use extensive forensic specialists in civil, criminal, family, and estate work.   We have worked on cases in conjunction with a truck specialist, computer specialist, forensic accountant, cognitive specialists, toxicologist and professor of pharmacology.

         Mr. Williams was on the Children's Aid Society Board over 40 years ago and still remembers his days on that Board.  Mr. Singh is currently, and has been for some time, a member of St. Joseph's Hospital Board of Directors.  Mr. Sandberg has an extensive history of involvement in the legal community of Ontario being involved in the Canadian Bar Association and being on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Bar Association and the Criminal Lawyers Association.

         It is Mr. Sandberg who is currently involved in the murder case in Brampton and also a large scale "criminal organization" project in Toronto.  This criminal organization case involves expert evidence from Italy on alleged Canadian activities of the the N'Drangheta crime syndicate.   Like Williams and Singh, Mr. Sandberg travels throughout the Province where justice is required.

         Having Offices in both Sudbury and Hamilton, the firms think on a global scale.

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